About Us

Competitive sailors have looked to¬† Seniors Sailing as the No. 1 source of news and information on sailboat racing at every level. This includes America’s Cup, the Volvo Ocean Race, the Olympics and both dinghy and keelboat racing of all kinds.

We also review performance production boats and equipment, and we keep a close eye on exciting developments in technology at the top end of sailboat racing. The pages of Seniors Sailing have always been fertile ground for new ideas in the sailing, whether in the area of design, rating and rules, professionalism, safety, rigging, gear, and electronics.

If you’re a cruising sailor, you probably know Seniors Sailing; if you’re not a sailor yet, stick around! We write for all those who explore the world’s oceans, bays, lakes, and rivers under sail. We provide a monthly wealth of timely information for sailors united by their love of cruising, no matter what size boat they own, from small trailer-sailers to large, ocean-going yachts. Our articles cover a wide variety of topics, from easy destination pieces (swaying palms, warm sand beaches; spruce-scented mist…) to fairly complex technical subjects (celestial navigation, marine refrigeration). We always try to strike a balance between the practical and the entertaining, within each issue, and within each article.